Why Are Some English Words Similar Or The Same As Portuguese Words? (2023)

1. 60+ English Portuguese Cognates to Immediately Boost Your Vocabulary

  • Identical English-Portuguese... · ent → -ente Cognates

  • Get a head start on your Portuguese vocabulary by learning the most common English-Portuguese cognates. Click here to learn over 60 cognates in Portuguese, like "universidade," "consistente" and "religioso." Plus, learn the cognate patterns (like -lbe to -vel, -tion to -ção and more) so you can spot cognates on your own.

2. Similarities – Portuguese & English - Transparent Language Blog

  • Apr 5, 2016 · Because some words in English come from the same root as some words in Portuguese (mostly Latin words), the word will be similar in both ...

  • Because some words in English come from the same root as some words in Portuguese (mostly Latin words), the word will be similar in both languages, with a minor difference in the suffix. Let’s take a look:

3. Discover Porglish: Common English Words Used in Portuguese

  • May 13, 2021 · For many of the same reasons, you ... To start, let's look at some English words used in Portuguese with a different meaning than the original.

  • In this interconnected world, it’s no surprise that many English words have made their way into the Portuguese vocabulary. As we consume entertainment from other cultures and travel the globe, the constant exchanges result in new words and an ever-expanding language.  The term Porglish (or Portuglish) refers to the phenomenon of using both English and […]

4. The #1 hack to Boost Your Portuguese Vocabulary - Portuguesepedia

  • You will be mining your English vocab by converting English words to their Portuguese counterparts – all it takes is a few tweaks in spelling and pronunciation.

  • Here you are, learning a new language and probably assuming that you are starting from ground zero. What if that’s not the case at all?  What if you are

5. 20 Helpful Portuguese-English Cognates

  • Cognates are the language learner's best friend. These are words that are the same, or very similar, in two different languages. If you're an English ...

  • Cognates are the language learner’s best friend. These are words that are the same, or very similar, in two different languages. If you’re an English speaker learning Portuguese, you’re in luck: Portuguese-English cognates are remarkably common. Depending on your definition of a cognate, there could be as many as 3,000—and many of these are common, everyday words. If you listen carefully to a conversation in Portuguese, you’ll be sure to hear a number of Portuguese-English cognates. You can work

6. Portuguese Words - Rosetta Stone Blog

  • Jun 27, 2020 · The grammar and sentence structures of Portuguese are simplified compared to English, and both English and Portuguese share deep Latin roots.

  • English speakers who choose to dive into Portuguese will find that it is not as difficult to learn as it sounds. Many Portuguese language learners find that

7. Portuguese Vocabulary: Same but Different - Part 1 - Street Smart Brazil

  • Sep 15, 2014 · Below I will go through some illustrative examples of different types of words, how they're similar and how they're different. Homonyms.

  • In Portuguese there are similar words with different meanings. That’s what I’d like to go over in this two-part series, along with illustrative examples.

8. English vs Portuguese language pattern: 38 words with ary/ário

  • Sep 28, 2016 · Working with words that are similar in English and in Portuguese is great to practice pronunciation because you can really compare how the same ...

  • Quickly learn 38 words that are nearly the same in Portuguese and in English thanks to an English vs Portuguese language pattern.

9. 25 English Words that Come from Brazilian Portuguese

  • You'll notice most of these words are very close to the original Portuguese. Geographically we know they originated in Brazil and then entered the English ...

  • You'll be surprised at many English words that come from Portuguese! Some of them are for talking about Brazilian culture, but many are everyday words.

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